Expat Support Groups

These groups are a safe, confidential place to express your struggles as an expat, vent, explore what these challenges may mean, discover options and solutions, or simply use the group as a support system, and meet others in a similar situation as you.

The groups will focus on issues such as missing home, feelings of frustration, anger, loneliness, coping with not having your support system (family, friends and community), dealing with feeling overwhelmed with the unfamiliarity of the place, dealing with new working environment or looking for a job etc. The goal of these groups is to help individuals make the transition to the Netherlands as smooth and meaningful as possible.

The groups will consist of 5-6 people in order to keep them small and intimate, and at the same time, have enough people to create the dynamic of a group, which can be a very powerful and empowering experience.

For further information about the Expat Support Groups, please feel free to contact me.