Have you recently relocated to the Netherlands? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Out of control? Depressed? Stressed? Lonely? Anxious? Angry? Do you find that even though you decided to relocate, and possibly really like the Netherlands, you are experiencing some negative emotions?

That’s all completely normal.

Relocating can be a wonderfully exciting period of your life, and at the same time leave you feeling very down and blue. You may not have your family and friends around. You’re getting used to a new environment, culture, a new language and new working environment.

This can be a very overwhelming time in our lives, and it may bring up a variety of feelings. Sometimes we just need someone with whom we can sort out our feelings, get some emotional support to help you through this transition period. Sometimes it may bring up other emotions that were buried away, but with such a major change in your life, they are brought to the surface.

Either way, there is help out there.

I am an expat myself and am very familiar with the process of relocating. I have lived in the UK, Cyprus, the United States and now the Netherlands. I have gone through this experience first-hand at various stages of my life and can relate to the experience of being an expat.

If you find yourself in need of therapy, having someone to speak to in your native language, and who can relate to your experiences, can be a great comfort. My native languages are English and Greek.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibility of therapy for you, or to set up an appointment.